Everything You Should Know about SHTF

Everything You Should Know about SHTF

SHTF basically stands for Shit Hits The Fan. Or they ask general questions like what is prepping? Once everything that surrounds you seems to be in an absolute breakdown and in the chaos that you cannot even live a normal life, it is known as SHTF. The best way to guarantee safety in unforeseen dangers is joining other preppers who have taken some steps to learn basic survival skills. It will not only put you in a better position once SHTF happens but also it provides peace of mind.

What to Do When There’s SHTF

Emergency cases demand that tough choices should be made. You only do what you need to for you to survive. There’s no room for comfort as well as pity since your survival is your main goal. Therefore, what must you do?

Personal Safety – It includes everything that would facilitate your survival until normalcy is actually restored. It’s determined by all those you intend to stick with as well as how long you want to survive. It basically includes security, water, food, money, medicines, and many more. Know how much water you could store or if you could use purifier for replenishing your supply.

Disregard Order and Law – Once a disaster strikes, it becomes hard to maintain order and law to an extent that it isn’t there anymore. Remember that those who have the responsibility to control order and law have also families and friends and busy trying to survive. Never rely on emergency services or law offices because they’ll be overstretched and might not have the time to focus on you. Emergency attention can cease and might become a man for himself situation. Take note that SHTF must be on the lookout for all things. Although law is intact, never completely depend on it as there’s a chance to encounter fake law enforces that want to prey on you.

Sanitation – It might be a small issue for some, yet sanitation around your house can be a huge threat like disaster and danger might lurk outside walls. Once SHTF happens, the garbage will increase, taps would run dry, and some basic sanitation services would be disrupted.

Communication – There are times that once SHTF strikes, you’ll be cut off completely from what are going on outside the safe haven. However, information is still essential as it helps you determine or weigh the results of your situation. Even if everything else might fail, there remains a communication channel that might come in handy. Make sure that it will let you receive and send useful information in case of a disaster.

Always Have Your Plan B – It’s good to have another plan once your plan A fails to work. In other cases, not all would require plan B, yet it’s wise to have this anyway, especially if you have stored limited foods.

Having some clues or understanding about the basic preparations you should make when SHTF occurs will help you heighten your survival chances in case there’s a disaster.